• FitSum


    Fitsum provides a handful of exercises, now you can customize your workout and keep track of […]

  • Millward Brown-Coca Cola

    Millward Brown-Coca Cola

    This app was design for World Cup 2014 to track teenagers daily beverage habits.

  • Game Day Spot

    Game Day Spot

    Sport Fans!! Now you can reserve tables for your favorite games in different venues around New […]

  • Millward Brown + Sab Miller

    Millward Brown + Sab Miller

    This app provides information about daily beverage habits from users all around the world.

  • Snap & Done App

    Snap & Done App

    With Snap & Done app you’ll be able to take pictures of things around your house […]

  • Espirito Santo

    Espirito Santo

    UI re-design and WordPress implementation, based on client requirements.

  • B2B Web App

    B2B Web App

    Increase sales opportunities and launch cross-selling programs across business units.

  • WeelUp


    Cycling Community, a place where users can find everything cycling related.

  • Serviceful Web

    Serviceful Web

    Serviceful is a new kind of digital home concierge that provides the homeowner with an innovative […]

  • Serviceful App

    Serviceful App

    Serviceful is a new kind of digital home concierge that provides the homeowner with an innovative […]

  • Maids Radar Mobile

    Maids Radar Mobile

    Maids Radar is empowering local Maids Services to step in technology to compete in a mobile […]

  • Meditrack 911

    Meditrack 911

    MediTrack is a complex medical product. Client came to us to help make it useful and […]

  • Bareye


    Bareye is a amazing iOS app. We’re helping them breathe new life. Client came to us, […]

  • BarApp


    BarApp is Designed with elegance and style for the nightclub industry. Simple and clean interface.

  • Razient


    Work currently in process….redesigning Razient Interface.

  • Maids Radar iOS and Web Apps

    Maids Radar iOS and Web Apps

    Rebels Defy hand crafted, conceptualized and created from the ground up Maids Radar iOS and Web […]

  • Blackdove


    We worked closely with Blackdove to design from the ground up the ‘Pandora for Video’. Client […]

  • GorrilaCab iOS

    GorrilaCab iOS

    Quick User Interface and Identity for AT&T Miami Hackathon 5/11/2012. 1st Place Winner in General Category. […]

  • Mobile App Aluminum Buttons (PSD)

    Mobile App Aluminum Buttons (PSD)

    Aluminum Buttons. Use them on your web apps, iPhone apps. These look great on any high […]

  • Frankly


    We created the concept and designed the iOS Interface.

  • UI Buttons

    UI Buttons

    Different types of ui buttons designed for several clients in different mobile applications.

  • Flomio


    UI/UX design for Flomio a NFC start up in Miami, FL.