July 22, 2014#



Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! A hundred times Wrong!


February 25, 2014#

It’s all about UX

There’s too much buzz these days about these two simple words  UX & UI, professionals from different verticals have tried to explain what is all about these fancy words.

But a man back in the day solved this “riddle” with 10 simple principles, that actually are the foundation of Apple.

If you as a designer have the ability to understand and apply these simple ideas, your work as a designer will become outstanding.

Remember “Simplicity takes courage” 






November 13, 2013#

WebCongress Miami Photos 2013

We attended WebCongress 2013. Our highlights of event are:

- Rodrigo Salem changed the way they way I see Facebook ads and all about emotional reaction marketing.
- Giovanni Rodriguez, opened my eyes to behavioral design.
- Jordan Casey, inspired me to see things as kids see them – simple and fun.
- John Freddie Vega inspired us to believe Latin America is hungrier than ever for web technology education.

Thanks to Bloomtale for the photos and everyone at WebCongress for an amazing event. Enjoy the photos.





John Freddie Vega with Juan Chaparro

John Freddie Vega Miami Webcongress

John Freddie Vega Miami Webcongress

Rodrigo Salem Facebook Webcongress

Rodrigo Salem Facebook Webcongress

Rodrigo Salem Facebook Webcongress

Jordan Casey WebCongress Miami








iPhone user tech event Miami

Carlos Maltagliatti Microsoft WebCongress Miami

Carlos Maltagliatti Microsoft WebCongress Miami

November 6, 2013#

Miami Tech Hub



South Florida (Miami) is becoming one of the most important tech hubs in the eastern hemisphere, check this article via Pulso Social.

November 5, 2013#

The Lab Miami grows a green space in Wynwood.

the lab miami, tech events miami

The Lab Miami is run by two great entrepreneurs Danny Lafuente and Wilfredo Fernandez. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know them and share few moments with them. The Lab Miami as you know is the most devoted community for entrepreneurs, artists and geeks in Miami/Fort Lauderdale area.

They given to all of us, their very best by providing amazing space for work, tech events in Miami and education. Now they need some of our help. They’re building a green space called the IdeaGarden for more outdoorsy events and hanging out. Now we can help them with as little as $10.00. You can share your blessing with the Lab right here on their crowdfunding page.

October 29, 2013#

DreamIt New York, Summer Program, 2013

Back in DreamIt New York, we worked in some different iterations for our product.

This snap shot shows a quick exercise where having a mobile app was critical to our customer acquisition strategy.

Made in NY!!


October 24, 2013#

WeelUp Startup Weekend Bogota

Couple of weeks a go we participated in Startup Weekend Bogota, we teamed up with a group of brilliant minds and as a result we presented a project called WeelUp.

WeelUp is the first cycling community located in Bogota, Colombia. In this app people will be able to find everything cycling related, like city routes, cycling shops, repair shops, commute groups, etc.

At the end of the weekend we obtained a respectful second place, out of  16 new startups!!

Fair enough right?


October 24, 2013#

Espirito Santo UI Redesign

Espirito Santo Graphics out of Coral Gables, FL came to us with specific design requirements, we used some of his ideas tweak them a bit. We made them look far more professional, engaging via live chat, quote form and of course help them show their beautiful portfolio.


espirito santo graphics

October 24, 2013#

WebCongress coming to Miami Nov 7-8


James L. Knight Center will be hosting the WebCongress Miami Nov 7-8. The event brings top speakers to continue igniting South Florida tech scene.
John Freddy Vega, Bing Chen, Rodrigo Salem, Alex Konanykhin and Jordan Casey are some interesting speakers.

The registration is open via their website we’ll be there attending. Excited to see what’s ahead.

October 1, 2013#

Alberto Perlman on scaling your startup idea – Festival of Media LatAm 2013

We attended Festival of Media in Miami last week with the goal to capture success stories that will inspire us to grow our companies. In a world where anyone can start a company, it takes real experience and years to master product-market fit to make it into the big leagues. Alberto Perlman a fellow Colombian entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Zumba shares how they struggled to find their business model to turn their company into a super successful enterprise.  Enjoy it!

Fuimos al Festival de Media en Miami la semana pasada con la meta de capturar historias de éxito que nos inspiren a crecer nuestros negocios. En un mundo donde cualquiera puede empezar una compañía, realmente toma experiencia y años lograr encontrar tracción en un producto y entrar en las grandes ligas. Alberto Perlman, un emprendedor Colombiano y Co-Fundador de Zumba, comparte con nosotros como tuvieron que luchar encontrando el modelo financiero que llevó su negocio a establecerse como una compañía súper exitosa.